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LFX Connect Family

LFX Connect Power is a control component within the LFX System. The LFX Connect Power connects and controls a wide range of lighting fixtures or ballasts and communicates to the rest of the system using IEEE802.15.4 wireless protocol. It provides 0-10V or PWM dimming and a 15A relay ON/OFF control. 

LFX Connect Power is integrated with an occupancy sensor, photo sensor and power meter.


LFX Connect is a cost-effective device that brings scheduling and dimming to lighting fixtures. Similar to the LFX Connect Power, it communicates to the LFX system using IEE802.15.4 wireless protocol. 

Designed for applications where there may not be a need for motion or photosensors, the LFX Connect provides automation to a facility at a low cost.

Download the Spec Sheet

 Download the Spec Sheet

LFX Gateway

LFX Gateway is the link between the LFX Connects, LFX Switch and other LFX Gateways within the LFX System. It is responsible for receiving and relaying energy, environmental and occupancy data. It also sends control commands to the LFX Connect. It utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 for wireless communications with the LFX Connect devices and WiFi or wired TCP/IP networks for communication with the other LFX Gateways.

Each Gateway is able to connect up to 100 LFX Connects in a mesh format.  Data communication is secured using industrial grade AES 128-bit encryption.


Download the Spec Sheet

LFX Switch

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Download the Spec Sheet




LFX Switch is an elegant capacitive touch glass area controller. It enables occupants to adjust light settings with its intuitive dimming controls and on/off functionality. The LFX Switch is powered via line voltage and wirelessly communicates with the LFX Connect and the LFX Gateway.