How it Works

Wireless Mesh Network

• LFX devices are interconnected via IEEE802.15.4 wireless protocol

• Data seamlessly flows around in case of a failed unit

• Easy range extension

Long Distance Coverage

• Wireless range up to 60ft (20M) in open an space

• Effective range of 32 ft (10M) with the closest LFX devices

Advanced Sensors

Integrated Sensors

Multiple sensors are integrated in to control unit for single point installation, reducing installation costs and time

Occupancy Sensor

Advanced microwave technology allows the control unit to hide above drop ceilings without affecting occupancy detection. PIR technology is also offered.

Photo Sensor

Plug-in ambient sensor or optional remote extension provides great flexibility for installation

Smart Savings With Intelligent Design

LFX Connect has been specially designed to fit perfectly on standard octagonal junction boxes,    which allows for quick and easy installation

The LFX Remote Ambient Sensor (3 meter/10 meters option) detects natural light when the LFX Connect Power is not installed in a day lit zone

Wiring Examples (0-10V Dimmers)